Showbiz Sandbox 183: Going Inside This Year’s Oscars With Anne Thompson

February 25, 2013


As one of the hosts of the Oscar Talk podcast and the editor of Indiewire’s Thompson on Hollywood blog, it’s no wonder Anne Thompson beat out most other award season experts by correctly predicting 19 out of 24 winners at this year’s Academy Awards. Thompson attended the Oscar ceremony in-person and confirms that Seth MacFarlane was no better live than on television.

Less than 24-hours after “Argo” won Best Picture and shortly after returning from the Governor’s Ball, Thompson recaps a whirlwind weekend that had her hobnobbing at the Spirit Awards awards on Saturday then walking the red carpet at Sunday’s Oscars. Rough life, to be sure.

In television news, it turns out most the of the hour-long network dramas premiering at mid-season have failed to find an audience. Maybe now that Nielsen is including online streaming in their ratings viewership will rise for some of these shows, but we wouldn’t count on it.

Of course we also cover the week’s top entertainment headlines including Billboard revamping music charts to include YouTube views, Shia LaBeouf drops out of his Broadway debut and Google’s plans for music streaming.


Foreign Box Office: ‘Die Hard’ Continues as No. 1 Overseas, Breaks $100 Million

China Box Office: ‘Journey to the West’ Dominates During New Year Holidays

Anne Thompson’s Oscar Predictions

My Night at the Oscars, from the Red Carpet to the Governor’s Ball

‘Silver Linings Playbook’ Wins Four Independent Spirit Awards

Oscar Predictions, Election-Style

Visual Effects Workers Plan Oscar Flyover Protest….

NBC’s On A First-to-Worst Free-Fall….

Nielsen Adjusts Its Ratings to Add Web-Linked TVs

Billboard, Nielsen Add YouTube Video Streaming To Its Platforms

“Harlem Shake” Debuts Atop Revamped Hot 100

Les Miz Coming Back To Broadway

Lawsuit Seeks To Put Sherlock Holmes In The Public Domain

Matchbox Twenty Cruise

Musical Version of ‘A Bronx Tale’ Reportedly In Works….

Shia LaBeouf Exits Broadway Play “Orphans”….

Taylor Swift Lawsuit Reveals Details of Singer’s $2.5M Capital Hoedown Contract….

Mike Daisey Says His ‘Steve Jobs’ Episode Has Done Some Good,0,1695692.story

Will Arnett Lands CBS Comedy as ‘Up All Night’ Hopes Dwindle

Google Looks To Beat Music Rivals

Spotify Pushing Labels To Lower Costs, Open Up Free Service To Phones

Universal Music Publishing Inks Deals with Fullscreen, Maker Studios


  • Mgiltz

    Anne Thompson smartly points out why the ratings were up this year (hint: it had nothing to do with Seth McFarlane) and explains how she crafted her winning ballot of Oscar picks. That plus, we show how the top-grossing movie around the world the last two weeks wasn’t the new Die Hard but a Chinese film you’ve never heard about.