Showbiz Sandbox 204: The Argument Over Broadcast Retransmission Consent Fees

September 9, 2013


After a programming blackout that lasted more than month Time Warner Cable came to an agreement with CBS over retransmission consent fees. Unless the 20-year-old retransmission consent legislation is revised or updated, the number of network blackouts will continue to increase. Unfortunately the real losers in all such disputes are consumers.

The Time Warner Cable-CBS deal was reached just as the new television season is about to begin. We’ll review some new series that have potential and are worth catching, as well as a few you might want to avoid.

Meanwhile, the book publishing industry was in the news last week with Amazon announcing plans to bundle e-books with the sale of traditional print copies, and a new startup hoping you’ll stop buying books altogether and simply rent them.

Of course we also cover the week’s top entertainment news including declining attendance on Broadway over the summer, Bruno Mars heads to the Super Bowl and a major personnel change at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


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Paramount Picks Four Chinese Actors for ‘Transformers 4’ Roles via Reality Show

Motion Picture Academy COO Ric Robertson Steps Down,0,4232372.story

Ric Robertson’s Academy Exit Represents Changing of Guard

Amazon Offers Readers Kindle Editions of Purchased Print Books for $2.99 or Less

Encouraging Readers To Sell Their Physical Books?

Oyster Launches Spotify for E-Books

Unlimited E-Books For Less Than $10 A Month


  • mgiltz

    I’m most excited by Amazon’s bundling offer — letting anyone who bought a hardcover book pay a few bucks and get an ebook as well. (Only certain books qualify.) I think every publisher should do this. Buy a hardcover and get an ebook and audio book bundled along with it — not as an excuse to raise prices but to make books more appealing. If they just want an ebook, you pay less. Heck, people pay less for ebooks already. Why doesn’t every publisher see books should be just as user friendly as music on CD and movies on disc?

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  • Luis, you are not the only one of our listeners to be experiencing problems with downloading or listening to the show on iTunes. In fact, I’m having issues with doing both myself.

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  • Luis, your English is actually quite good. We were able to fix the download issue by uploading another version of the MP3 file. We’re not sure what “corrupted” the first file, but all episodes should be appearing and downloadable in iTunes now. Thanks for making us aware of the issue.

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