Showbiz Sandbox 207: Which New TV Shows Are Hits? Ratings Alone Won’t Tell You

September 30, 2013


The new television season got off to a strong start last week with major broadcast networks celebrating higher prime-time viewership. That is what initial ratings results would lead one to believe, though such figures are increasingly inaccurate. Delayed viewing on DVRs and online has made it more difficult than ever to properly measure viewership in a timely fashion.

Changes are also afoot at the Oscars as the Academy is modifying the way animated films are nominated for Best Animated Feature. Rather than rely on a selection committee, a majority of the organization’s 6,000 members will now be able to participate in the nomination process by viewing films on screeners.

Meanwhile as the film industry moves from celluloid film to digital projection, object based audio is also being adopted over traditional channel based surround sound. Major studios recently made the issue more contentious by mandating any new audio be distributed in a common, non-proprietary format. Will this stifle future innovation in the cinema space?

Of course, we also cover the week’s top entertainment news stories including why iTunes music purchases have started disappearing, Robocop returns to Detroit (literally) and “Star Wars” fans draft an open letter to director J.J. Abrams about how to make the franchise.


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‘Blacklist,’ ‘Agents of SHIELD’ and ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Popular Early With DVR Owners

‘Downton Abbey’ U.K. Ratings Rise for Second Episode of Season Four

Days After Launch iTunes Radio Is 45% As Popular As Spotify, Pandora Stock Drops 10%

Spotify, Pandora and TuneIn Form Streaming Audio Task Force, Release Online Listener Survey

Apple’s iCloud Is No Safe Haven for Some iTunes Purchases

Amazon Brings MP3 Purchasing To Its Cloud Player for PC App

CNN Films Cancels Hillary Clinton Documentary

Give Yourself 5 Stars? Online, It Might Cost You

Fox Loses Bid to Stop Hopper’s Place-Shifting Technology

Google Books Case Appears Ready to Be Decided

Giant Robocop to Loom Over Detroit in 2014

Apple Issues Credit To Angry ‘Breaking Bad’ Fans,0,1659879.story

Target Launches Its Own Video Service Dubbed Target Ticket

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