Showbiz Sandbox 241: YouTube Gets Tough With Indie Record Labels

June 23, 2014


As YouTube gets set to launch its own streaming music service the company is updating existing partnership contacts with record companies. While all of the major labels have signed on, some independent labels are balking at what they consider unfair terms. Now, YouTube is threatening to block the content of any label refusing to enter into its new licensing contracts, a move that is proving hugely controversial and divisive throughout the tech and entertainment industries.

Speaking of contracts, when it came to negotiating the deal for his latest film “Boyhood”, director Richard Linklater gave up a large part of his usual salary to assure he would actually own a piece of the movie it took him 12 years to complete. Will more filmmakers decide to forfeit their upfront fees and begin taking ownership stakes in their projects, or is Linklater’s move a one-off?

Musician Jack White probably isn’t setting any trends either, at least not for vinyl records. His new album sold 40,000 on vinyl during its first week of release though that can probably be attributed to all the nifty extras White included on the vinyl version such as hidden tracks and alternate versions rather than any ongoing interest in the analogue medium.

Of course, we also cover the week’s top entertainment news stories including why “Sesame Street” is getting shorter, Netflix plans on producing a talk show with Chelsea Handler and Disney nails down another director for its “Star Wars” franchise.


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‘Transformers’ Chinese Sponsor Kills Partnership

Dr. Oz Denies Endorsing ‘Miracle’ Drugs at Combative Senate Hearing

‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Sets Director

PBS Plans to Add a Shorter Version of ‘Sesame Street’

Jay Leno To Receive Kennedy Centers Mark Twain Prize For American Humor

Jack Kirby’s Heirs Get Huge Support in Quest to Bring Marvel Fight to Supreme Court

MoMA to Host Bjork Retrospective Next Year

‘NCIS’ Has Become World’s Most-Watched TV Drama

YouTube Will Block Videos From Artists Who Don’t Sign Up For Its Paid Streaming Service

Despite Controversy, Some Indie Record Labels Like YouTube’s New Terms


  • mgiltz

    Will the shortened version of “Sesame Street” be just “Sesame?” Or “Ses. St.”? Are YouTube and Facebook so big they amount to a public commons of sorts? Hmm, doubtful. And if record sales are so low that 140K gets you a #1 record like Jack White, maybe vinyl really IS back. 40k on vinyl alone would get you a Top 10 debut most weeks these days. Check out our free podcast and be cool BEFORE it goes global. Though it kind of already is….