Showbiz Sandbox 245: Guardians of the Celluloid – Hollywood Big Shots Rally Around Film Stock

August 4, 2014


With the entertainment industry having fully embraced digital technology, the world’s only remaining motion picture film supplier was preparing to cease manufacturing 35mm stock. However, a group of influential filmmakers, Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino among them, have convinced studios to enter into an agreement with Kodak that will keep celluloid alive for a few more years.

Digital technology was actually supposed to simplify the production and distribution of movies, music and television. Yet as the industry adapts to new tools and workflows the learning curve has been long and steep. The most recent example occurred when a digital content file was mislabeled and caused cinemas to play the wrong movie.

Meanwhile, the television streaming service Aereo can’t seem to catch a break. Even after tge U.S. Supreme Court ruled they are acting as a cable operator the U.S. Copyright Office refuses to issue Aereo a compulsory license claiming they are not a cable company.

Of course, we also cover the week’s top entertainment news stories including some controversial comments about the current conflict in Gaza, Alvin and the Chipmunks head to Broadway and the pop star Lorde curates music for the next “Hunger Games” movie.


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Three on ‘Big Bang’ to Get $1 Million an Episode

Bryan Singer Accuser Served With Malicious Prosecution Lawsuit in Casino Men’s Room

Lorde to Curate ‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1’ Soundtrack

How Do You Top ‘Spider-Man’? With a Show Based on a Chipmunks Movie

Movie Film, at Death’s Door, Gets a Reprieve

Martin Scorsese Backs Kodak on Film Stock Production

Can Filmmakers Really Help Kodak Craft A New Image?


  • paul

    When will the industry acknowledge that the only storage medium that has history and tried and tested storage reliability is FILM. It is the only format that has confirmed longevity.
    Lets not throw film away yet , it still gas a special place in film making

  • Paul, thanks for the very valid comment.

    Actually, as we mentioned during this particular episode, we agree… and so does Martin Scorsese. I think the industry acknowledges (at least privately) that film is still required for certain aspects of their business, especially archiving. This is why when Scorsese released his statement in support of analog film there was little to no push back from industry players.