Showbiz Sandbox 291: Media Companies Come Clean On Cord Cutting

August 24, 2015


After years of denying cord cutting was happening on any level, several large media companies are finally confessing that cord cutting is a growing trend which may soon affect their bottom lines. After decades of steady growth, cable operators are now beginning to see flat or declining subscriber numbers as new content streaming services pop-up.

Clearly, the business models the television industry has relied on in the past are evolving rapidly, more so than movies or theater or even publishing at the moment. Yet some industry insiders believe the cable cord isn’t being cut, but that it’s slowly fraying as the definition of what it means to be a television network has changed.

Some media companies aren’t waiting to study market indicators before making strategic moves. Last week NBCUniversal made a $200-million investment in the online news outlet Buzzfeed, leaving many to wonder how this could possibly benefit the network.

Of course we also cover the week’s top entertainment news including how boy band One Direction wants to take a break, why Spotify wants to breach your privacy and Cirque du Soleil is headed to Broadway.


One Direction to ‘Take a Break in 2016’ After Release of Fifth Album

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‘Compton’ Tops the Charts Again

China’s Currency Crisis Creates Mixed Outlook for Hollywood

Regal Cinemas Institutes Bag Checks After Theater Attacks

Media Stocks Plunge on Fears About Health of TV Business

Media Stocks Face Wild Ride As Markets Plunge, Recover and Plunge Again

Subs May Have Drained, but Q2 Pay-TV ARPU Rises

Mexicans Quietly Cut The Cord

Top US pay-TV Providers Lose Big In Q2 – Again

Attention Wall St. Investors: Yes, the Traditional TV Media Climate Is Changing, But the Sky Is Not Falling

New Devices and Platforms Flourish But TV Consumption Stays the Same

European Film Industry Adopts Gender Equality Declaration

The Tide Is Turning on Frank Ocean

FYF Fest: Kanye West Saves the Day After Frank Ocean Cancels

20th Century Props Reopens Amid Production Rebound In L.A.

Cirque du Soleil Show Is Broadway Bound

‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ Sets Broadway Closing Date

Airline Plans ‘Star Wars’-Branded Transpacific Flights

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek On Privacy Policy Dust-Up: ‘Sorry’

India’s Zee Launches Dishflix Ahead of Netflix, Amazon Entry Into Country

NBCUniversal makes $200-million investment in Buzzfeed

TV’s Batgirl Yvonne Craig Dies at 78

Batgirl Teaches Batman a Lesson about Equal Pay

Doudou N’diaye Rose, 85, Senegalese Drummer and ‘Human Treasure,’ Dies

Bud Yorkin, Writer and Producer of ‘All in the Family,’ Dies at 89


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