Showbiz Sandbox 293: Why Forecasting Box Office Has Become So Difficult

September 7, 2015


Though this year’s North American summer box office may wind up being the second biggest on record at $4.4 billion, movie studios are finding it far more difficult to predict opening weekend grosses. An article in the Hollywood Reporter details how tracking pre-release box office has become unreliable in an age when social media buzz and movie review aggregation have become so prevalent.

Word-of-mouth can now spread so quickly that movies like “Ted 2” can be doomed 24 hours after release, opening 33% below its estimated $50 million first weekend gross. And it’s not just flops that suffer tracking mishaps, as evidenced by “Jurassic World” bowing to $208 million, 60% more than originally anticipated.

Until now, Apple hasn’t had to worry about movie box office or even television ratings, but all that might change if rumors the company is getting into producing original content are at all true.

Of course we also cover the week’s top entertainment news including why Aretha Franklin wound up in court last week, why DreamWorks is leaving Disney and who the Academy selected to produce next year’s Oscar telecast.


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  • mgiltz

    Way to get the episode posted in record time Sperling! No one could have predicted that (though the holiday weekend helped). And no one can predict the weekend’s box office on movies any more, not with dependability. I blame the difficulty in polling (no land lines to pester) combined with social media letting buzz both good and bad travel faster than ever. Check out the rest of our latest free podcast on all things entertainment!