Showbiz Sandbox 316: Indiana Jones and the Colonoscopy

March 21, 2016


Last week Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg announced they are grabbing a whip and fedora and planning one more adventure for Indiana Jones with its original director and star. They haven’t set a start date for shooting, don’t seem to have a script or even a setting or general idea for the movie yet, at least not one they’re sharing. But naturally they have a release date. The next Indiana Jones will be coming to a theater near you on July 19, 2019.

If it were up to the Screening Room, you’ll be able to watch the latest Indiana Jones installment from the comfort of your own home. Everyone is weighing in on the new company that wants to make blockbuster movies available in your home the same day they hit theaters.

Meanwhile, CBS is turning off their radios. The broadcaster says they are looking to offload their fabled radio group despite it being a stable long-term business. CBS believes radio doesn’t have sexy growth potential so they apparently wants out.

Of course we also cover the week’s top entertainment news including an explanation of television stacking rights, Mariah Carey gets her own reality series and China cracks down on box office fraud.


‘Divergent 3’ Stalls With Series-Low $29.1M; ‘Zootopia’ Nears $600M Globally

‘The Revenant’ Opens in China With $33 Million, Nears $500 Million Worldwide

Chinese Film Regulators Penalize ‘Ip Man 3’ Distributor Over Box Office Fraud

Christopher Nolan Comes Out Against Screening Room

Top Theater Group Dismisses Sean Parker’s $50 Home Movie Service

Hundreds of Cinemas Rally Against Sean Parker’s Plans for $50 Home Movie Service

European Movie Exhibitors: Screening Room Presents ‘Significant Risks’

5 Hurdles Facing Sean Parker’s $50 Home Movie Service

Why Theater Owners Are Rejecting Sean Parker’s Controversial Screening Room

Without Kevin Spacey or New Equity, Relativity Now Must Face Judgment Day

Relativity Media Announces $400 Million Investment From Maple Leaf Films

Judge Approves Relativity’s Emergence From Bankruptcy

Harper Offering Schools Discounted ‘Mockingbird’

The Mass-Market Edition of To Kill a Mockingbird Is Dead

Academy Increases Diversity Push by Adding Three Governors

Broadway’s ‘Wicked’ Hits $1 Billion Mark in Record Time

US Multichannel Subs Drop By More Than 1MN in 2015

Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg to Return for Fifth ‘Indiana Jones’ Movie

PlayStation VR to Cost $399, Ships Worldwide In October

E! Plans Mariah Carey Reality Series

Korean Filmmakers Threaten to Boycott Busan Film Festival

‘Blackfish’ Director Calls SeaWorld Ending Killer Whale Breeding “Paradigm Shifting”

SeaWorld CEO: We’re Ending Our Orca Breeding Program. Here’s Why.

ABC, Warner Bros. TV Group Set Broad Agreement for In-Season Stacking Rights to Shows

Sony Is Betting On Love For The Beatles In A New $750 Million Deal

Buying The Beatles: Inside Michael Jackson’s Best Business Bet

Showbiz Sandbox 101: How Jay-Z Went From Street Corner To Corner Office

End of An Era: CBS To Sell Its Historic Radio Division


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