Showbiz Sandbox 319: The Changing Tide of Music Distribution

April 25, 2016


Almost three years after Beyoncé made a big splash by releasing a secret album via iTunes, the pop star has snuck up the world once again with her latest work, a video album called “Lemonade”. This time however Beyoncé was strategic in how she distributed her album, premiering it with an HBO special, then exclusively to the streaming music service Tidal, before ultimately turning back to iTunes. More and more, big name acts are controlling how and to whom their music gets distributed.

Multi-genre musician Prince was way ahead of his time when it came to controlling how his music reaches the world. The legendary artist died suddenly last week leaving behind a lifetime of work a great deal of which was never released. We discuss the many fascinating ways the unexpected death of Prince was covered by the media and his sometimes unique distribution methods.

We’ll also take a look at the introduction of a new cinematic camera that has the potential to revolutionize filming and post-production by allowing to filmmakers “to effectively capture the color, direction and placement of every ray of light”.

Of course we also cover the week’s top entertainment news including some behind the scenes drama at the morning talk shows, why China shut down some of the Apple iTunes stores and how Hollywood is making its way to West Africa.


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The Legality of Selling “Used” Digital Songs and Movies Headed to Appeals Court

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Inside Kelly Ripa’s Awkward Absence From ‘Live’

Apple Services Shut Down in China in Startling About-Face

2016 Eisner Award Nominees

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Sony Hits a Big Six with IPL

Twentieth Century Fox pacts with FilmOne for West Africa

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Consumer Complaints About Broadband Caps Are Soaring

James Levine, Transformative at the Met Opera, Is Stepping Down

NAB: New Lytro Light-Field Camera That Could Bring Big Changes to Visual Effects Work Is Unveiled

Guy Hamilton, Director of Four James Bond Films, Dies at 93

Doris Roberts Dies at 90; Italian Mamma From ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’

Prince, an Artist Who Defied Genre, Is Dead at 57

Prince’s Legal Legacy: Contract Fights, Copyright Battles and Changing His Name


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