Showbiz Sandbox 325: Keeping Track of Who’s In Charge at Hollywood Studios

June 20, 2016


It would seem keeping one’s job as a senior executive at a major Hollywood movie studio has become much harder of late. Last year both Paramount and Sony Pictures replaced their studio heads. Now the executive shuffles at Sony and Fox, as well as the turmoil at Viacom, have our heads spinning. We’ll be joined by Anne Thompson of Indiewire who explains why Hollywood is in turnaround.

We also breakdown the past week’s worldwide box office, where a little fish swam a long way. Apparently audiences hadn’t forgotten the forgetful character from “Finding Nemo” and thus turned the Pixar movie “Finding Dory” into a box office smash.

Amazon plans to expand its streaming music service, but will it be worth listening to? Meanwhile, CBS won a potentially significant lawsuit when it argued successfully that a remastered album can in fact be considered a brand new work in terms of copyright.

Of course we also cover the week’s top entertainment news including the Tony Awards telecast get a ratings bump, Disney opens a theme park in Shanghai and ESPN devotes itself to soccer (or football, depending where you live).


comScore Announces Official Worldwide Box Office Results for Weekend of June 19, 2016

“Finding Dory” Finds Box Office Records

How China Won the Keys to Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney Co. Already Expanding Shanghai Disney Resort, Says Bob Iger

California Was World’s Top Film Production Center in 2015, U.K. Generated Most Spending

‘Warcraft’ Shatters Records With $156 Million China Debut

Summer Box-Office Slump: Revenue Down a Steep 22 Percent

Exclusive: Amazon Is Preparing to Launch Streaming Music Service

CBS Beats Lawsuit Over Pre-1972 Songs With Bold Copyright Argument

Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney Among 180 Artists Signing Petition For Digital Copyright Reform

Music World Bands Together Against YouTube, Seeking Change to Law

MoMA Fires Assistant Film Curator Sally Berger

It’s Official: CMT, Hulu Revive ‘Nashville’ for Season 5

Gawker, Filing for Bankruptcy After Hulk Hogan Suit, Is for Sale

Tony Awards Hit Highest Overnight Rating in 15 Years

‘Hamilton’ Cast Album Races to No. 3 on Billboard 200 Chart After Tony Awards

‘Roots’ Pulls 14 Million Viewers During Premiere Week

Court Backs Rules Treating Internet as Utility, Not Luxury

Quarter of US millennials are OTT-only

Paramount Beats Musicians Guild in Lawsuit Over Outsourcing Film Scores

First BookShots Titles Sell 30,000 Copies in a Week

The Market for Audiobooks in India

Hollywood Studios File Suit Against Service Streaming $1 Movies

ESPN Plans First Ever Comprehensive Euro 2016 Coverage In US

Mel Gibson Planning ‘Passion of the Christ’ Sequel (Exclusive)

Fox’s Film Studio Politics at Play in Top Executive Shake-up

As Stacey Snider Ascends at Fox, Hollywood Is in Turnaround

Sumner Redstone Fires Most of Viacom Board

Anton Yelchin, ‘Star Trek’ Actor, Dies at 27


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