Showbiz Sandbox 331: Apparently Warner Bros. Needs to Start Making Donuts

August 16, 2016


In a scathing open letter published last week, an alleged ex-Warner Bros. employee took the studio and its chairman Kevin Tsujihara to task for a number of recent missteps. The author mocks studio brass for doubling down on the talent delivering critical duds such as “Batman v Superman” and their inability to make a hit movie, despite somehow managing to keep their jobs.

Though the veracity of the letter is questionable, it caused ripples in Hollywood not because it revealed a trove of inside secrets, but more due to the fact that it publicly stated what so many have been whispering about Warner Bros. lately; a lack of leadership and a confused executive team have led to a year of mixed results.

Meanwhile, we’ve been watching the Rio Olympics, along with three or four billion viewers around the world. Despite audience figures that are down from the London games in numerous territories, the Summer Olympics is arguably still a ratings juggernaut hard to compete against, giving networks broadcasting the event a serious advantage.

Of course we also cover the week’s top entertainment news including how a Netflix documentary helped overturn a murder conviction, why Thomas Gibson got fired from “Criminal Minds” and Comedy Central cancels “The Nightly Show”.


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About That Open Letter To Warner Bros…


  • Michael Giltz

    I defend the Warner Bros. film division from a mocking (but anonymous) letter making the rounds of Hollywood. It was easy: their movies may (mostly) suck, but they’re making money. I don’t defend Ryan Lochte, even though he’s a former Gator like me, because well, how could I? But I do defend the Olympics as still a massive ratings draw, especially in an era of so much competition. I’m just glad I wasn’t going up against Robert Downey Jr, who is about to join the prosecution as Perry Mason!