Showbiz Sandbox 342: Box Office Growth in China Begins to Fizzle

October 31, 2016


Hollywood has been talking up China’s explosive box office growth for years and the country is forecast to surpass North America as the largest movie market in the world as early as next year. However, the growth in China is slowing with ticket sales down 10% this year from last year’s figures. Ryan Faughnder, a staff writer with the Los Angeles Times, stops by to explain some of the reasons for the decline and what it means for major studios.

Faughnder also gives us the lowdown on how some studios, specifically Lionsgate, are turning to YouTube stars in search of their next big hit. Warner Bros. and Disney have similar efforts underway, though none have found the secret to success in transforming online talent into mainstream stars.

Meanwhile politicians and investment analysts have publicly expressed their concern over AT&T’s acquisition of TimeWarner. Some have gone so far as to say the deal can lead to “a whole bunch of different horribles for consumers”. For their part, AT&T is trying to assuage fears by moving head with its virtual cable plan.

Of course we also cover the week’s top entertainment news including why the creator of “Mad Men” signed with Amazon for his next series, why viewership of two popular sports has decreased significantly and how the pop group ABBA is reuniting for a live performance… sort of.


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  • mgiltz

    Right now, China needs Hollywood more than Hollywood needs China. With their box office slowing and a huge new complex opened up just begging for Hollywood movies and TV shows to shoot there, Hollywood should use their leverage to demand a bigger cut of the box office grosses and an end to all the quotas on how many foreign films can open there each year. They won’t get it — but now is the time to start chipping away.