Showbiz Sandbox 343: Teamsters Play a Big Role on Broadway

November 7, 2016


The theater world is presently embroiled in major contractual battles over pay, benefits and credits. The last group you’d ever think would be leading the charge is the Teamsters, who represent a large number of theater, television and film workers, including casting directors. Turns out, if you want to produce entertainment in the United States, you probably have to deal with the Teamsters.

Those working off-Broadway however, are represented by the Actors Equity Association and they are negotiating with the League of Off Broadway Theaters and Producers. Actors are pushing for a historic pay increase claiming their weekly minimum has never kept pace with inflation, let alone the cost of living in the major metropolitan cities where live theater is produced.

Meanwhile the Justice Department has filed an antitrust lawsuit against AT&T-DirecTV and other pay television providers for colluding in their refusal to carry SportsNet LA, a channel owned by Time Warner Cable. This comes in the wake of AT&T’s bid to acquire the media company Time Warner, which some fear might consolidate to much media power in too few hands.

Of course we also cover the week’s top entertainment news including the noteworthy ratings for this year’s World Series, who was named producers of next year’s Oscar ceremony and a “The Simpsons” is set up to make television history.


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Justice Department Sues AT&T-DirecTV, alleges collusion in blocking Dodgers channel


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    Hey, something to distract you until the election results are final…and then you start fretting about the Senate. It’s the latest episode of Showbiz Sandbox where we finally hear some good news about 3-D (thank you, “Doctor Strange”) and dive into all the battles in the theater world where casting directors are looking for a little respect (and benefits) on Broadway and actors are looking for a living wage Off Broadway. Check it out!