Showbiz Sandbox 365: As Cord-Cutting Grows, Media Company Revenue Falls

May 8, 2017


Media company stocks took a beating last week with a one-two punch from cord-cutting and a soft ad market. The first quarter of 2017 saw pay cable subscriptions fall by over 700,000 in the United States, the largest ever such loss. This has caused some concern that cord-cutting has accelerated just as major advertisers have started to spend less on marketing.

However, television networks may just be shifting where revenue comes from. Rather than huge carriage fees and ad rates tied to huge viewership, networks may now be earning money off licensing content to streaming video providers and selling ads on digital platforms. There’s just one problem; such digital platforms pay far less than networks used to getting.

Warner Music Group is also suffering from shrinking revenues thanks to consumer migration to streaming online services. The company signed a new licensing agreement with YouTube, but they aren’t happy with a deal they felt forced into accepting. We’ll explain why.

Of course, we also cover the week’s top entertainment news including the multiple “Game of Thrones” spin-offs planned by HBO, Harry Potter heads to Broadway and the return of “American Idol”.


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  • mgiltz

    Cord cutting! Falling ad revenue! Falling ratings! They’re ALL linked to one fact: people are watching TV in new ways but no one is capturing all those eyeballs. Do you really believe TV ratings are falling 30%? Everyone I know talks about TV and consumes it more than ever. On their phones and tablets, on demand and DVR and binge watching and more. The only thing they don’t do is sit down in front of the box on a certain night at a certain time and patiently watch a new show and all its ads in real time. Start measuring how people are really watching TV and “cord cutting” will be proven a myth and ad sales and ratings will climb back up.